Unearthing the secrets of New York can be a difficult task for visitors. The true beauty of New York is that as readily available as everything is, there are hidden secrets of New York just waiting to be discovered. From a New York speakeasy to a blind barber, The Row NYC hotel thought it would be nice to let you in on the fun with our five favorite spots – perfect for lounging about. Though it’s no secret, <District M> is always a favorite option (of course).

For more information on these or any other NYC secrets, please call our concierge at <phone number>.

Cheers to discovery!

PDT – Please Don’t Tell

Go downstairs and enter the delicious Crif Dogs restaurant you see in front of you – and...

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Blind Barber

You’ll see an actual barber shop – the Blind Barber. Walk inside and open the door in...

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Beauty & Essex

Walk by and it looks like an impossibly intriguing pawn shop. Enter through a disguised door in...

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Bathtub Gin New York

Enter the Stone Street Coffee Company store, head to the back and open a hidden door. You’ll...

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